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Raw Cytokine Data


Cytokine QTL Data


Client Records

Questionnaire on demographic data, health, gastro-intestinal condition, diet, exercise and smoking.

500FG Cytokines

Several bacterial, fungal and viral stimuli were used in ex-vivo experiments. IFN-y, IL-1b, IL-6 and TNF-a production were measured in whole blood experiments. IFN-y, IL-1b, IL-6, IL-17, IL-22 and TNF-a production were measured in supernatants of PBMC experiments. IL-6 and TNF-a production were measured in supernatants of serum-derived macrophage experiments.

  • 489 samples
500FG Cytokine QTL data (available as zip file)  
500FG Thyroid hormones

Concentration of TSH (mE/l) and fT4 (pmol/l) measured in heparin plasma.

  • 488 samples
500FG Cell staining cell counts per sample
  • 516 samples
500FG cell staining counts QTL (available as zip file)  
500FG Serum Ig levels Ig levels per sample
  • 489 samples
500FG Metabolome

Using plasma derived from EDTA blood tubes we measured a whole range of different baseline metabolites. These metabolites can be divided into several sub groups:

  • Lipoproteins (several sub classes as VLDL particles, IDL, HDL and LDL particles)

  • Different form of Cholesterol

  • Glycerides and phospholipids

  • Apolipoproteins

  • Fatty acids

  • Glycolysis related metabolites

  • Amino acids

  • Ketone bodies
  • 237 samples
500FG Platelet activation Platelet activation was measured on 8 consecutive time points using FACS after stimulation with ADP or Collagen in combination with Pselectin or Fibrinogen.
  • 534 samples
500FG Circulating plasma factors

Different systemic markers measured at baseline (without stimulation) in either EDTA plasma or serum. 

  • 489 samples
500FG Uric acid

Uric acid levels (mmol/L) were measured systemically at baseline (i.e. without stimulation) in heparin plasma.

  • 309 samples


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As part of the 500 Functional Genomics (500FG) project, stool samples from 471 healthy adults were subjected to metagenomic shotgun sequencing (one time point per individual). Concurrently, blood samples were collected from each individual and the cytokine production was measured in response to bacterial and fungal stimulations. Significant inter-individual variation was observed in the gut microbial profiles as well as the immunological profiles. Subsequent association testing showed that microbiome-host interactions modulate the inflammatory cytokine production capacity in healthy individuals.
500FG Flow cytometry data Raw flow cytometry data files measured using 4 different 10-color antibody panels (General, T cell, B cell and intracelluar Tcell/Treg panel).